Veraison, the beginning of vintage!

Veraison! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, this refers to the glorious moment when the hard green berries begin to soften and blush red indicating to us that they have begun ripening and filling with sweet juice. The past few months have been filled with action and hard work in the vineyards ensuring the vines successfully reach this growth stage!

This is where the viticulturist comes into play, working closely with the winemaker to fine tune the fruit on the ripening vine. Some of the techniques we employ to ensure the fruit reaches optimal ripeness include ‘dropping fruit’ from areas that have overproduced bunches causing them to overlap and fight for the suns energy! The removal of diseased or sunburnt bunches prevents compromising the quality and flavour of the overall harvest, and ‘leaf plucking’ the excessive leaves also allow more energy, light and air to reach each bunch. These are just some of the lengths we go to define a rich and fruitful harvest, and in turn a delicious bottle of wine is born!  

Cheers from the Marienberg family!


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