Breathe in, Drink up!

If your anything like us… you would have found yourself with a wonderful bottle of young, full bodied red wine that you know in a few years will be to die for but you just don’t have the patience to wait. Well here’s a few tips and tricks you can use to mellow out and soften the wine, while improving the overall flavour characteristics within just a few hours!

Once you’ve got the chosen one, find yourself any glass liquid container such as a decanter, water jug or vase with a wide opening at the top. Using a container that has a wider opening and creates a larger surface area results in more effective breathability and aeration of the wine.

After you’ve emptied the full bottle into your chosen container, leave uncovered or cover with a breathable cloth in a cool area away from direct sunlight or warm windows.

An hour or so should generally be long enough, however a fuller bodied or tannic wine will require more time to breathe.

After a few hours, your red should be lush and ready to pour back into its original bottle. Now this is where investing in a funnel is useful if you are not using a container that can easily pour the wine back into the bottle, and you don’t want to get covered in purple stains. Pop the lid or cork back in and allow the bottle to sit for up to 5 hours, unless you can’t wait which it totally understandable.


Now grab yourself a glass. Pour and swirl, take a sniff and give it a taste!


Cheers and enjoy, from all of us!

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